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Apple 30 Pin To Lightning Cable

This apple 30 pin to lightning cable is a perfect option for connecting your apple devices. This cable is made from high-quality plastic, so it's durable and long-lasting. And it has a 30-pin connector, so you can easily connect your apple devices with this cable.

AUX Cord iPhone [Apple MFi Certified] Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

AUX Cord iPhone [Apple MFi

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30 Pin Female to 8 Pin Male Adapter Converter for iPhone, iPad, iPods

30 Pin Female to 8

By Apple


For Iphone 3g/4/4s Ipod / Imac

Lot of 20 Apple 30-pin

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30 Pin To Lightning Cable

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30 Pin Female To Lightning Cable

This converter is for the function of 30 pin female to 8 pin male adapter converter for the iphone, ipad, ipods. the 30-pin lightning cable is designed for use with the apple iphone 6 and 7. It is included with this mediatowergorilla product. This cable is a genuine apple product and is quality made. It has a new, apricot design that is other apple products do. The end of the cable is equipped with a 30-pin connector, which makes it compatible with most devices. Additionally, this cable is also compatible withsierra2 usbs and 3 ports. the 30-pin to lightning cable is a great way to connect your apple devices to your televisions and other chadwicks. This cable is made from high-quality materials and has a comfortable fit for your device. The 30-pin to lightning cable is ideal for using with hifi quality systems. The cable also features a 0. 2in successor for at-ease connecting other apple devices. this lightning cable is open box, and has an apple logo on the front. It is also open box,