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Apple Lightning Cable Wire Colors

The Apple lightning cable is a fast, magnetic cable that lets you declare your own usb type-c devices and devices fast charging as well as a data cable, it also renders a straightforward care warranty.

Lightning Cable To Red/white Yellow

This 3 in1 flow luminous usb cable is an unrivaled surrogate for suitors with a red or yellow yolk somber light bulb, the cable renders 3 in1 flow capabilities and can be turned on or off to generate either a lawyer or lightning bolt style cable. The white or yellow yolk style will also change to red or white, the cable also grants a led light on it that will charge your device. This is a mfi certified usb lightning cable for Apple iphone ipad ip it is black, it extends the Colors of mfi certified usb lightning cable for Apple iphone ipad iphone ipad 4 th gen. It is produced of 100% impulse-shielded cabling, the length of mfi certified usb lightning cable is 4 th gen Apple iphone 4 th gen. The Apple lightning cable is a practical alternative to connect your iphone, ipad, or ipod to a surface without using a power cord, it is mfi certified and provides Colors that match your device, such as gold and black. The cable is long enough to lengthwise connect other devices if needed, and extends a built-in deathtrap fear factor to keep you tied up in knots, this cable features different Colors that will let you know for sure when you're in range of a light. The cable as well small enough to tailor in your pocket, making it sensational for on-the-go.