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Apple Lightning Cable

This apple lightning cable is a great choice for those with a apple iphone 11 12. This mfi-certified cable comes with a data sync feature that makes it easy to move files between devices. Other features include a robust design and a long warranty.

Data Sync Mfi Certified Iphone 8 X Xr Xs 11 12
Charger Data Sync For Apple Iphone 11 12
(1m) - Mqgj2am/a For Use W/ Airpod Pro
For Iphone Xs/x/8/7/6

3 Pack 6 Foot Apple

By Marchpower


- White

Usb Type C To Lightning Cable Adapter

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Usb-c To Usb Lightning Cable

This usb-c to usb lightning cable is a great option if you need to charge your apple ipad pro or iphone 12 new with a standard usb cable. The cable has a modern design that will make your work easier. This cable also features a fast data rate so you can get your work done quickly. The apple oem usb lightening to usb-c charger cable cord ipad pro iphone 12 new 3ft. Is perfect for busy professionals or anyone who wants to use a standard usb cable with ease. this 6ft usb c to lightning cable is a genuine apple iphone lightning charger cable. It is2m6ft 11 pro max on. It is made of 100% made in the usa of durable and plastic free material. This charger cable has an electrical connector and a lightning connector. It is used to charge your apple iphone. this 6ft usb-c to lightning cable is a great option for adding an extra port of power to your device. The sleek and stylish design will make your day to use this cable. This cable is made of durable cable material and features an electric motor that ensures smooth andfast charging. the apple lightning cable is a great way to increase your charging speed and dvr play time. This cable comes with a 1 meter version that is made of durable plastic and has a black color. This cable has genuine apple logo on it and is available in black.